Children play, study, and socialize…

The girls' hostel eating room.

More than 70 children live in our new boys’ and girls’ dormitories, where they are taken care of by matrons, many of whom know sign language. Because many of our children live far away, our hostels make it possible for them to have a quality, specialized education that they would not receive in their villages.

The older boys in their hostel.

The hostel program provides three meals and two tea breaks a day, clean and modern toilet facilities, beds and personal cubbyhole spaces, a playground, a pavilion for quiet outdoor activities, and athletic fields for many sports. The dormitories are open on all poya and national holidays, and close for the April, August, and December breaks.

Many of our matrons have worked at Rohana Special School for years, and have intimate knowledge about each pupil. They also take weekly sign language classes taught by the Ruhunu Sumaga Circle of the Deaf, Matara’s local deaf association.