Teachers’ Handbook for Deaf Children Published

Rohana Special School is proud to announce the publication of a Teachers’ Handbook for all teachers working in Sinhala-medium Special Schools and Units in Sri Lanka. This resource was developed by Anne East and Derek Roger (from Oak Lodge School for the Deaf, London, England) working with the Senior Teachers at Rohana.

The first section of the book consists of Training Modules outlining what a new teacher needs to know when they first start working with deaf children. The second section offers Teaching Methods and suggestions for the classroom work to encourage the children’s language and literacy skills. The third section sets out aims and guidelines for an Observation System. This is an essential tool in developing and maintaining a high standard of teaching and learning. The Observation Form identifies ‘Excellent’, and ‘Good’ teaching and ‘Areas to improve’. The Action Plan offers a way for teachers to support and learn from each other.

More than two hundred people attended the book launch at Rohana in July, including representatives from 32 other special schools and units, many of whom have now started to use the book to improve the education in their schools. Next year we are hoping to have a Tamil version of the book so that it can be used in Tamil-speaking areas of Sri Lanka. Rohana School has become a centre of excellence for deaf education in Sri Lanka, and this expertise is now being made available to others.

Download the Handbook here: Sinhala Teachers’ Handbook for Deaf Children

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