Sri Lankan Sign Language

In 2007,  An Introduction to Sri Lankan Sign Language, Sri Lanka’s first-ever conversational sign language dictionary, was published. Volunteers from all over the globe and school staff worked together for many months to choose more than 350 signs, create drawings for each sign, translate all content into Sinhala and English, and assemble materials in a 120-page softcover book published locally.

Copies of An Introduction to Sri Lankan Sign Language were distributed to the school staff and families of school pupils. With a clear, concise, and easy-to-use dictionary, we hope to foster the growth of sign language literacy in Matara and across Sri Lanka.

Other sign language resources are available in Sri Lanka. Most notable is the 2008 Sri Lanka Sign Dictionary created by Deaf Sri Lankans in association with the Central Federation of the Deaf. This dictionary displays photographs of each sign, translated into Sinhala, Tamil, and English and accompanied by illustrations. To request a hard copy or CDs, contact the CFD at

There is also an online Sri Lankan Sign Language ( website created in 2009. All content is in both Sinhala and Tamil, and includes a dictionary (click on the sun) and sign language video lessons (click on the flower).

Chapters may be downloaded individually: