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Rohana Special School is grateful and fortunate to have so many supporters; this page is to recognize as many as we can. If we have inadvertently left your name or organization off this list, please contact us.

July 2012 - TIDE Training

In July 2012 more training seminars were held at Rohana. Delivered by Anne East of TIDE, the teachers learned how to use Mind Mapping in their teaching. As always, they showed enthusiasm for the new ideas!

July 2011 - U.S. Deaf Tour Group

A U.S. tour group of 10 Deaf adults visited the school in July 2011. There, they gave two for-all-ages workshops on mask-making and sign language games. Upon return, they raised USD $6,000 — through direct donations, a thrift sale, and dinner parties — to fund the construction of eight new classrooms in the main school building. See the photos!

January 2011 - TIDE Training

Rohana was the first school in Sri Lanka to receive specialist training from TIDE  (Training in Deaf Education). TIDE originated at Oak Lodge School for the Deaf in London, England, and  offers in-school training programmes specially formulated to address the needs of teachers in special schools in Sri Lanka. The teachers at Rohana have been receiving regular training sessions since 2006, and the school is now recognised as a centre of excellence for the education of deaf children.

In January 2011, a two-day training seminar was held at Rohana school, attended by a total of 23 teachers from six special schools and units. Some of this training was delivered by teachers from Rohana, now confidently passing on their skills to others.

July 2010 - Freundeskreis-Neuwied-Matara e.V.

A German-Sri Lanka charity, coordinated by Sagara Abegunewardena, has made possible a new school building with a large assembly hall, which is being used for special events at the school, dance lessons, and assembly. Upstairs, there are 5 new purpose-built classrooms, for the subjects of Art, Maths, History, English and Geography, as well as a large room which is split for smaller classes. More information can be found at Tsunami-Kinder-Matara.

November 2010Teacher’s Handbook Published

Rohana Special School is proud to announce the publication of a Teachers’ Handbook for all teachers working in Sinhala-medium Special Schools and Units in Sri Lanka. This resource was developed by Anne East and Derek Roger (of the Oak Lodge School for the Deaf in London) working with the Senior Teachers at Rohana. Click here for more information.

Rohana Special School also would like to recognize these individuals:

  • Adam Stone
  • Anne East
  • Anoja Weerasinghe
  • The City of Limoges, France
  • Fiona Caldow
  • Ginette Rawlinson
  • Heather Goodwin
  • Indika Gunawardana
  • Mala East
  • Nerissa Martin and David Pope
  • Sophie Allen
  • SL Volunteers
  • TIDE (Training in Deaf Education)